10 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Business

  • Using LinkedIn for Business

Your Personal Profile on LinkedIn

A lot of people look at LinkedIn as a glorified Facebook for business people, or just another job search board. While it can help you find a job, or an employer, it can do a whole lot more if you know to know how to use it correctly. Let’s look at some ways to use LinkedIn a little smarter. It all starts with your profile page, then moves to your business page.

  1. Your LinkedIn profile isn’t the place to highlight your weekend activities,
    it’s an extension of your business, and as such it should be professional.
    Upload a clear, appropriate picture of your face; choose one that will enable people to recognize you.
  2. Be sure to include both your professional title and your company name in your headline.
    Your professional headline not only shows up underneath your profile picture,
    it is included in every reference of you on LinkedIn.
  3. Add information regarding your affiliations, associations, and any groups you belong to.
    The more information you include in your profile, the easier it will be to add connections and build your network.
  4. Ask for recommendations. I find the best way to do this is to take a moment and recommend
    someone you have worked with, and then ask them for a recommendation in return.
  5. Make good use of the new “Add Sections” tool by sharing content from your twitter,
    wordpress or SlideShare portfolios. Doing so will provide your viewers with a well-rounded profile.
  6. Utilize LinkedIn’s SEO benefits by making your profile public and using your full name
    instead of “I”? in your summary and don’t forget to include links to websites.

Your Business Profile on LinkedIn

Now that we’ve taken care of your personal profile on LinkedIn we can move on to your business presence. Building a strong personal presence on LinkedIn is very important and must be done before you can begin to think about promoting your business. You might be tempted to skip ahead, but don’t. The first six steps above are the foundation for what we are going to discuss now your business presence.

  1. The majority of communication in the business world takes place via email, which is why crafting your email signature line is so important. Use it to build awareness of your LinkedIn profile. This can often be a great launching point for creating new connections.
  2. If you are Internet savvy, check out the LinkedIn Developer site http://developer.linkedin.com/plugins. It has a myriad of tools that will enhance your site and enable you to promote your business using LinkedIn. For example, if you have a company blog, you can add the “Share on LinkedIn” plugin.
  3. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, when you log-in to LinkedIn you see the network updates. This is an excellent area to use to start building your professional authority. Join in the conversation and your updates will appear on the home pages of your connections. Be careful not to appear spammy, always have something relevant and interesting to share that will be of value to your connections.
  4. Last, but not least, create a Company Page. Be sure to completely fill out your page and update your Products & Services page regularly. As LinkedIn allows you to email your contacts, you may wish to email them when you have a new product or special offer and direct them to your Company Page. You can email your contacts once every seven days, but ensure you have something interesting to say before you hit “send” to ensure you don’t annoy anyone. You don’t want to risk losing any of your connections.

LinkedIn has an abundance of tools to help you market yourself and your business effectively. These ten tips should give you an excellent place to start so get out there and promote yourself. Your prospective leads are on LinkedIn, make sure they can easily find you.

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