5 Super Easy Resolutions for Business Success in 2013

  • thisyearIwill

thisyearIwill1. Pick one thing and do it! Have you been meaning to start a blog, figure out twitter, post videos on YouTube, or try an ad campaign on Facebook? Be strategic with your time and resources and pick one thing to focus on. Then take a course, hire a consultant, or just search online for “How To” and get to it! You’ll feel more success in doing one thing completely than spreading your energy around and doing many things haphazardly.

2. Think “quality” over “quantity”: Not getting the response rates from your email marketing campaigns that you had hoped for? This year, look at your clients more closely. It’s likely you can create groups or targeted markets that a custom message would resonate more clearly for. Speak to them in a meaningful way and watch your business thrive!

3. Get 10 written references, recommendations, or endorsements: You know you have clients and customers that love you! Give them the opportunity to share their enthusiasm and ask them for a reference that you can use to promote your business and expertise. Make sure they know that you may use it on your website or in any other marketing materials. If you’re having difficulties getting them to “pay it forward”, offer them a token of your appreciation for their time. Maybe a 5% coupon or a gift box of cookies. But hopefully their praise will just pour in because you’re THAT good! Ask for endorsements and recommendations on your Linked In profile as well.

4. Be available to your customers: have you ever gone to a website and wanted to ask a question but when you click the “Contact Us” link, all you get is an email form to fill out? There’s something to be said for human contact, and when a customer wants to contact you, make it as easy as possible for them to reach you. Don’t block this opportunity for business! Sometimes a new client just wants to know you’re a real company with real people before pressing “BUY” and spending their hard earned dollars. Put your phone number front and centre on your website. Oh, and when they call, please answer the phone!

5. Have more fun! What is it in life that we really want more of? Money? Success? Prestige? Don’t all of these things really boil down to having more fun? When you’re having more fun and your employees are having fun, then your customers are having a fun relationship with you. Do you have a joke of the week you can put on your site or in an e-newsletter? It works for Westjet! It can work for you too. When we have fun, then the money, success, and prestige all follow. So start putting a smile on that face and begin what is to be a fantastic year for your business.