5 Ways Social Media Is Changing

Twitter-phoneThe world of social media has always been changing. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned from Twitter’s IPO to Teens’ decline in Facebook use, it’s that things rarely stay the same for long in social media.

1. Graphics Always Win – Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram last year, we have seen that Facebook posts with images get around 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs than text-based posts. Also with Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr so popular, brands with image based content will win.

2. Social’s Not For Sale – More and more, people are looking to engage with brands for an authentic experience, and not to be sold to. Social media should be used more to create an authentic,  customer centric experience on social media. Instead, offer value on social media, not a sales pitch.

3. Focus on The Fans You Have, Not The Fans You Want  – Creating deeply meaningful and engaging content is becoming more and more necessary. While brands and companys may be looking to grow their audience, they can’t forget their existing fans on social media. Create meaningful content for them so you are able to offer them content for years to come.

4. Social Media Campaigns Will Need to Be Paid – Social Media has matured over the past few years, and most platforms are offering or will be offering a paid advertising model. Learn how to use these powerful advertising tools, and you will have an edge on your competition.

5. Think Interactive – While static yet engaging content was the name of the game for 2014, we must be looking ahead to what’s next. Interactive content may be the next milestone in social, with content offering a deeper level of engagement. Is it Interactive Infographics? Moving media? Think about how your content can engage on a more interactive level for the future.