5 Ways To Not Let Email Kill Your Productivity

Microsoft_OutlookDo you have the same dreaded feeling every Monday morning? You wake up and start checking your email, and then after clearing your inbox, you try to stay on top of incoming emails all day long, checking perhaps a little too often. With so many notifications popping up throughout the day, it come sometime seem like a wonder we’re able to get anything done without some clear focussed time.

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While email has most certainly changed the way we communicate, it can also distract us from things we are doing. How often have you ignored what you are doing at the notification sound of a new email, just because it might be important?

Here I’m offering eight tips to not let your email kill your productivity, and in fact make it better.

1. Turn off email alerts – unless your job is to respond to emails as soon as they come in, try turning off your alerts and scheduling a window everyday where you respond to your emails.

2. Prioritize your emails – Learn how to sort the most important from the least important, and prioritize. Respond to the most important ones first, and then respond to the others in your scheduled email time.

3. Only open if you’re going to respond – Try to break the habit of reading an email, and then marking as unread and responding later. Only open, read and respond to an email if you’re going to respond right then and there. If not, send a quick note acknowledging you’ve received the email, and then respond later.

4. Write well thought out emails – Avoid the rapid fire response syndrome or sending seperate emails with two or three lines. Address everything asked of you in your response, and everyone will be happier.

5. Copy people only when necessary – It’s not always necessary to copy everyone who may just be involved in your topic. Only copy those who are necessary, and everyone will be very grateful for the declutter to their inbox.