7 Tips For Bring Your Kids To Work Month

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This month in BC it is bring your kids to work month. Whether by choice or circumstance, kids this month all over the province will be going with their parents to work in order to pass the, ahem, extended summer holiday. Here’s a list of ideas and activities to help make the most of bringing your child to the office.

  1. Talk to your kids before and lay out some ground rules and behavioural guide lines. How to behave in an office.
  2. Ask them before what they would like to get out of the day, and help make those ideas happen.
  3. Give them important tasks to perform, and hold them accountable for the job they performed.
  4. Finally clean out that office fridge!
  5. Involve them in your problem solving process throughout the day so they can learn from your perspective.
  6. Schedule a meeting with them half way through the day to check in.
  7. introduce them