How to Advertise on Facebook for Marketers

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facebook-ads-logo-doneFacebook advertising is one of the most powerful tools available to marketers and advertisers. The problem is, most marketers are only aware of the most basic advertising tools on Facebook, such as promoted posts or the self-serve ad-tool. The truth is, Facebook is able to offer deep data and targeting information that allow marketers to target their audience like no other place on the web. Here we take a look at some of the advertising tools available to you on Facebook.

1. Custom Audiences – Facebook allows you to input your own data (such as your own  email list) and target these people with ads on Facebook, even if they aren’t your fans on Facebook. These people are already most likely receiving email marketing from you, so this is a great way to showcase your marketing materials to them through a different avenue. This is a great way to create facebook ads that are custom made to those who have already interacted with your brand on the web.

2. Lookalike Audiences – If you are a small business, however, your email list may not be that large, and you may want to expand your audience for the purposes of Facebook advertising. Another thing to consider is that people sometimes use a different email address for Facebook than they do for other things on the web.

Lookalike audiences will look at your Custom Audience, and will come up with a new list of people, based on the interests and demographics of your already inputted custom audience. This will allow you to expand your reach on Facebook, even if you don’t already have a huge email list.

3. Conversion Tracking – One of the biggest features of advertising on Facebook is the ability to measure your ROI, and knowing the analytics of the return on your invest can be a very good thing. Tracking these conversions from a Facebook ad to your website will give you the hard numbers of how many leads or conversions you generated from a Facebook advertising campaign. This is done from the Ads Manager section of Facebook. 

Heres’s how you access these features:



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