Brush Up on Your SEO Strategies

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SEOIt seems like SEO strategies are always changing, and every day people are fighting the good SEO fight to make their page appear closer to the top of Google search results. While some SEO strategies come and go, there are a few that are here to stay. Stick by these SEO guidelines with all of your content on your website, and rest assured that your SEO efforts will go rewarded.

1. Become a resource and post useful content. – This may seem like an obvious point, but you’d be amazed at how a simple rule like this can sometimes go unnoticed. By posting content that is relevant to others, other pages on the Internet will link to your page, thus allowing you to become a resource of information. As long as people are linking to you because you’re useful, you will be in good shape. You can become a resource by posting regular blog posts, instructional pages about your product or what you do, and resource pages about how your website is useful within your industry.

2. Have a good site structure. – Just as you want your site visitor or customer to be able to find the pages they are looking for without digging around too much, search engines work much the same way. If you have an easy to navigate site, then a search engine is more likely to index it properly. Use page hierarchies to group your pages into categories and sub-categories, and also have relevant links. Avoid having too many links on your homepage, as this will cause clutter. Instead, only link to the pages that you want to show off.

3. Ensure that your website is fast. – While it may seem like a long-term uphill battle, ensure that your website is fast. People will leave a website if it is loading slowly, and Amazon has stated that every tenth of a second of increased load time resulted in a 1% drop in sales. There are many ways to make sure your website is fast, including Image optimization, javascript and CSS consolidation, minification, caching and compression. Talk to your web developer, or brush up on these skills yourself.

4. Use Hyperlinks – Link to your page, and link when it’s relevant. Google looks at the keywords that you are hyperlinking on your page, and will increase your ranking based on these words. For example, instead of saying click here to learn more about SEO ” you should say: Read more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).” Also, hyperlink internally. Add links to older blog posts within new ones, and you will spread your information further, and increase page results for those older blog posts.

Do a bit or resource, and test out some of these tips. With a little bit of time and effort, rest assured you will see your Google ranking increase. Need help with your marketing strategy? Contact us today, we can help.