Cards Against Humanity sells 30,000 boxes of actual bullshit

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Word to the wise, online power shoppers: If a company offers to sell you a $6 box of “bullsh*t” and explicitly states that you’ll be receiving “literal feces, from an actual bull,” you’re probably going to end up with some cow poop in your mail box.

In a move to mock Holiday consumerism and the mania of black Friday sales, Cards Against Humanity announced the sales promotion last month and ended up selling 30,000 boxes af actual poop, from a bull, delivered to your door in a box.

The company writes, “To help you experience the ultimate savings on Cards Against Humanity this Black Friday, we’ve removed the game from our store, making it impossible to purchase,” read the company’s website on Nov. 28th.

A blog post on the CBC writes, “hopeful that the company (which has been known to prank customers in the past) would perhaps include something better than animal poop inside the box, many of the game’s fans shelled out $6 for some Cards Against Humanity bullsh*t on Black Friday.

The sale got so much hype, in fact, that all 30,000 of the available poop packages were sold within just 30 minutes of the sale going live.

Yet, despite several prominent assertions on the company’s website that customers were definitely buying actual poop in a box, a good chunk of those early buyers did not want to receive poop this Christmas.

A Dec. 1 post on the Cards Against Humanity Tumblr blog explained that the game’s makers were flooded with email inquiries from people asking whether or not they had actually ordered feces on Black Friday — many of them asking to cancel their orders if this were the case.