Companies Race to Develop Wearable Tech

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Google Glass, Samsung Gear, it seems that with companies snatching up patents for wearable technology, it may not be so far off in the future that we are all wearing our tech. With the ubiquitous smartphone now firmly implanted in the palms of millions of users around the world, firms are now looking to develop the next technology that will permeate our everyday.

But what will that feature be? Almost definitely it will be something that we wear, and can access handsfree, but what will that look like? Samsung’s announcement of Samsung Gear nods at a piece of gear that connects to the internet in the form of a wristwatch. The U.S. trademark application said the device will be “capable of providing access to the Internet, for sending and receiving phone calls, electronic mails and messages” as well as “for keeping track of or managing personal information.” Apple has also indicated that it is working on an iOS device that uses a flexible screen to wrap around the wrist.

Google has already launched their wearable tech in the form of Google Glass which uses a small screen above the right eye to display info. The wearable glasses also allow you to take photos, send messages, get directions and a whole lot of other things.

With the launch of both wearable technologies, it’s hard to tell which one will really take off and reach iphone status. To tell which one is really going to take off, we have to look at the adoption principles of people. Whatever the product is, it will need to replace something that we didn’t know we needed. In other words, it will have to pick up where handheld devices drop off.

The applications for business for wearable technology is huge, however. Imagine a plumber who can use  a handsfree device to locate a problem, or a fork lift operator who can use the technology to locate a pallette.

While companies and brands have a great opportunity here, they will also need to tread lightly. The highly personalized nature of a wearable device is a market that will need to be entered carefully. Whatever the device is, it will be able to gather highly personal data, so brands will most definitely need to enter the market by gaining peoples trust. While the potential is limitless, if done right, that potential can turn into widespread consumer adoption.