Dove Canada’s New Version of Beauty Sketches Film

dove_sketch_1_finalWe all know that we may not appear to people as we think we do. In a series of videos, Dove Canada is showing just how much different we think we look than we actually do. In a compelling social experiment, Dove has brought mom and daughters together over Google+, and asked them to describe their appearance to a forensic artist. The results are no always what they seem, as the video reveals just how different the daughters describe the mother’s as the mother’s describe themselves.

The first video in the series released last month, features women describe themselves to a forensic artist as he draws their description without ever looking at them. Strangers are then asked to describe the same woman to the same forensic artist. The results are two very different pictures, revealing just how different we see ourselves than others see us. The series of vidos are titled The Dove Self Esteem Project.

The web-only three minute commercial has been viewed more then 53 million times on YouTube, and has become a certifiable viral video. The videos have received mixed reviews, with AdWeek calling it “one of the most original and touching experiments to come from the Campaign for Real Beauty in ages.” Where others have dismissed the video as playing into gender stereotypes and pointed out the subversiveness of exploiting people’s flaws to sell a beauty product.

Despite the criticism, this ad has all of the qualities of some of the best work out there. There is no point in the commercial that you feel you are being sold something, and instead you are given a feeling of self-empowerment. So what do you think? What are your reactions to the video? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @ladderupvan