How to drive your career forward in 2013

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Career-advice-marketingGetting tired of the same old strategy? Want something new this year to propel your professional career to the next level? We take a look at the things you can be doing now to start the career that you want to have tomorrow, by having a powerful personal action plan. 

We’re well into the new year, and while we may have made some ambitious plans for 2013, it’s possible that in the three months since we rang in the new year, we may have veered off the course a bit. Every April I like to take a look at the goals I made for the New Year, and make an assessment of where I stand on those goals.

Here are some steps you can take today to propel your professional career:

1. Do a personal assessment – Take a look at your personal goals for the year, and make an assessment of how far you have progressed. Make an objective report of yourself before you have a review with a senior level official, and you will already have the answers of your own status before someone asks them of you. Make the changes now, and keep moving forward.

2. Get some buy-in – Whether it is your own personal goals, or the goals you have set in your professional life, get some buy-in from senior executives, or even your co-workers. Stay on top of trends and technology, and present your ideas to your seniors (if you work at a company, share your forward-thinking ideas with your manager of senior executives). To have your ideas championed by a senior executive is a powerful thing, and having this approval or buy-in will be a key factor at every stage of your career.

3. Create S.M.A.R.T objectives – Diez-Aguirre stresses the importance of ‘SMART’ objectives – those that are strategic, memorable, achievable, realistic and timescaled. Consider your professional goals often, and adjust them accordingly. Don’t wait until you have a “review”.

4. Know your audience – Consider the top partners or relationships that will help you get ahead in your career, regardless of department of role. Make an assessment of these relationships, and nurture them based on importance. Remember, being a nice person is never a bad thing, and having allies will serve you well in your career.

5. Be visible – Even if you are reaching every target and personal goal you set for yourself, no one will know about it unless you let them know! Be visible in your company or professional life, and your achievements are sure to shine. Ask for feedback from those you would least expect it from. Their honest opinion will show when you’ve done a great job, and will show others how great you’re doing too.

Overall, make an honest assessment of yourself and your goals, and keep up with your personal action plan. Those around you will see the fruits of your labour, and your professional career will propel to new heights.

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