Enhanced campaigns with Google Adwords

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adwordsEarlier in the week we were talking about SEO and SEM strategies that can help you increase the visibility of your website. This week we’d like to take it a layer deeper, and start explaining how these strategies can help tie in with an Ad campaign to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Google Ad words is Google’s search engine advertising service that allows you to reach your target audience. It is a type of pay per click advertising where advertisers pay publishers per click on an ad. Interestingly enough, Google Adwords is Google’s main revenue stream.

Well Google Adwords has recently released something called enhanced campaigns. Enhanced campaigns are a way for you to reach your target audience across all of their devices at the precise moments that matter, says Google.

Enhanced campaigns let you manage complex targeting, bidding, and ads for different platforms (like mobile and computers) all within the same campaign. Previously, you needed to create a separate campaign for each target device type or location. As people are constantly switching between devices, and using their smartphone for one task, and their computer for another taks, an enhanced campaign is a great way to reach these people with your ad on the appropriate device at the appropriate time.

To start using enhanced campaigns, users can now merge their previous campaigns that were perhaps only aimed at one audience on one device, or they can upgrade a single existing campaign to an enhanced campaign. By default, enhanced campaigns will be eligible to appear on all devices (desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones),which allows you to more easily manage your ads. You can also customize your adds individually to appear differently on specific devices (if you want something to look differently on mobile, for example).

Enhanced campaigns offer greater flexibility for a a quickly changing climate where users are using multiple devices to consumer their daily doses of Internet. The customizable features of enhanced campaigns are a great improvement within Google Adwords, and will allow you to better reach your target audience precisely when and where is most effective.