Finding the Right Person for the Job

  • skillpages

Looking for someone with job specific skills can often be a daunting task. You want just the right person for the job, and more than likely, you want them to be good at what they do. Luckily there is skillpages, a service that helps people with specific skills connect with those who need them.

Picture this, you need a highly skilled person for a job (be it a singing teacher, a car mechanic, or a computer programmer). Skillpages allows you to search it’s directory of over 10 million professionals to find the person you need. It’s like an online job board that connects skilled people to those who need their service.

The site allows you to search for a specific skill (or advertise your own), and returns results based on location.

Skillpages connects you with people in your extended Facebook network.

While there are many services out there that allow you to search for professionals (LinkedIn being the largest professional social network) skillpages works a bit differently. The site uses Facebook’s social graph technology to show you the real-world connections between you and the person you want to employ. If you choose, you can narrow your search results to include only your friends, or friends of friends on Facebook. It is this social nature of the site that sets it apart from similar services. Skillpages taps into the already hyper-connected world, and simply connects the dots. It is an astonishingly efficient way to tap into an increasingly competitive job market.

Millions of people are using Skillpages every month to search for the job specific skills they need. The site has grown exponentially in the past two years, and is a great tool to help you find people with the skills you need, or to offer your own.