Get Your Sales Force on Social Media

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You’ve spent all sorts of time creating your online portfolio of social media profiles, online articles, directory listings, e-newsletters, online catalogues and brochures but your sales staff isn’t embracing technology by signing up for a Linked In account, let alone have they begun tweeting. So how do you get them to see the value in putting themselves onto these platforms?

Depending on the age group of your work force (and yes I admit it’s a bit ageist to make this statement) you will have to tweak your tactics, but the best way to get sales staff to understand the importance of social media participation is to speak to them in their language.

sales-staffBrochures, flyers, direct mail; sales people understand what it means to drop off a piece of paper onto someone’s desk. They know presenting a customer with information condenced onto a tagible peice of paper can provide a customer with descion making information, but what if you could send that brochure to thousands of people at a time and have them forwarding it to their staff for you?

Social media can work the same way, the message has to be crafted well, but with the right strategy, a single post on Facebook can reach far more people than a single sales person could ever reach in a single day. It is no wonder that approximately 75% of marketers (source) are using content marketing and 60% of marketers (source) report that they plan to increase spending on content marketing over the next 12 months.

Your company may be small and you may not have time to update your online portfolio as much as you’d like but consider the impact if every person in your organization was contributing to your online promotions? What if your employees starting tweeting when new stock arrived or took a photo and?pinned their favourite menu item, checked in every time they came to work? Get creative and give employees incentive to do so and make them proud to boast your business, you know they are going to be on their smart phones regardless, why not make it beneficial to your success.

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