How to use #Hashtags to better your business

  • Using hashtags for business.

Using hashtags for business.
Using hashtags for business.

Hashtags can be a powerful tool for marketing your business. Unfortunately, lots of people aren’t using them to their full potential. With the explosion of social media for business in the past year, it’s worth knowing how to use hashtags, and better yet, how to use them effectively. Here we offer five tips on using hashtags for your business.

1. What’s it for? – A hashtag allows you to associate your tweet or content with a conversation around a certain topic. For example, by using the hashtag #cdntax in a tweet, your tweet can then be searched and indexed with other messages containing that same hashtag. This means that users will be able to find your content based on their interests.

2. Search them out – Search Twitter and the web for other hashtags that people are using around a topic, and use them in your own messages. This will allow you to associate your content with a larger discussion, and will also allow you to drive the conversation back to your content (as long as what you’re saying about the hashtag is relevant.)

3. Promote your hashtag – Use your hashtag in your messages on Twitter, your blog, website, and even emails. Many services will allow you to click on a hashtag, and be transported to a twitter stream that contains all mentions of that hashtag. Be careful not to use the hashtag in places where it’s not relevant (such as Facebook.) It will cause confusion among users who see the hashtag on a platform that doesn’t integrate with them.

4. Control your usage! – Don’t over do it. Use relevant hashtags to the topics you’re talking about, but don’t use too many. Using more than 2 hashtags in a tweet, and you run the risk of looking messy and unclear. Instead, use one relvant hashtag to put your message in the right conversations.

5. Keep it simple – Having a long hashtag with too many words will make it difficult for users to re-type the hashtag, and may cause spelling mistakes. Instead, choose something that is short and easy to remember. A good idea is to integrate your hashtag into a sentence. This will make it seamlessly integrate into normal conversation, and users will be mroe likely to use it.

Have fun with your hashtags and get creative. It’s a great way to promote your business or ideas, and also generate a conversation with others on the social web. Like anything on social media, use a bit of common sense and thought about what you’re saying, and you’ll be tweeting like a pro in no time.