How Many Teens Are Actually Leaving Facebook?

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In an article published to Mashable, 13 year old Ruby Karp explains that she is 13 years old, and none of her friends have Facebook. And she thinks she knows why. In her words, “Facebook was just this thing that all our parents seemed to have”.

There’s been concern among advertisers and marketers lately that Millennials are leaving Facebook in droves, and this is causing concern for those who have or are investing heavily in Facebook advertising. The following Infographic shows just how many teens have left Facebook since 2011. Millions.



While we can see that many have left, It is because they are leaving for other social sites, such as Instagram. While Ruby was 10 years old, she was too young to have her own Facebook profile. Instead, her and all of her friends used Instagram, something that none of her friends parents had. They adopted, and used it heavily.

While it may seem shocking that teens are leaving Facebook, it is still the most widely used social network. And with the growth we’ve seen in Snapchat, Vine, and Instagram, it’s up to us as marketers to leverage all of these social networks in our favour.