How to Write a Rock Solid Twitter Bio

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When applying for a new job, the first place your potential employer is going to look for you is Google. If you’re on Twitter, it is most likely that your Twitter account will be on the front page of this search, and your Twitter Bio is what they are going to read first. So what does your Twitter Bio say about you? While you may think it reveals the facts about who you are, having a rock solid Twitter Bio can make you stand out from the rest, and reveal a lot more than you think.

If your goal is to get more Twitter followers, we learned from a recent Mashable article that your bio is one of the major determining factors that people are going to use when deciding to follow you or not. So let’s make it great.

1. Searchability – Your Bio is searchable within Google and the Twittersphere, so think SEO, and make it searchable. Use keywords that apply to your work, interests, and goals. Your Bio has to represent the real you, and not the Internet you, so be honest, and let your freak flag fly. Let us know what your professional interest are, but also let us know about your personal ones. Here’s a simple an effective Bio:

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 10.06.21 AM


2. Avoid the Cliches – We’ve all seen them, “Marketing Expert”, “Social Media Guru”, “WordPress Ninja”. While they may seem cute and original, they are in fact overplayed and not-so-original. Try to come up with something that is honest, and uniquely you. While you may in fact be a social media Guru, this line of work is an ever-changing and evolving landscape, with new things to learn every day. So admit you don’t know everything, and find a creative way to describe yourself.

3. Learn From Others – The best thing you can do when writing a great Twitter Bio is to learn from others. Look at what other people are writing in their Bios, and imitate them. This isn’t to say copy what all the other people are saying, but read a whole bunch of Bios, and pick out the ones you like, and follow their format.

4. Be consistent – While it may go without saying, remember to be consistent in your spelling and grammar. There’s nothing that may put a potential follow off quicker than a bad use of the lingo. So double check, cross your t’s and dot your i’s, and you’ll have a great bio in no time.

Says Louise Mowbray speaker, coach and branding consultant. “Your bio should reflect who you are, your values and what you have to offer others.” Twitter should be a reflection of your true self, with a little bit of interest thrown in there. After all, says Mowbray, “Twitter is all about giving something of value to others for free.”