List Building with Free Samples, Automated

  • freeosk

free-osk-1On a recent trip to Chicago, we found numerous little kiosks that had an ingenious way of handing out samples to customers without anyone having to man a booth all day – no sore feet, no high wage cost.

There’s no shortage of shops, malls and people along the Mile, so this location definitely sees enough foot traffic to garner interest from locals and tourists alike however these kiosks are scattered all over the country with free samples available from Skittles, Emergen-C, Hersey’s and Centrum to name a few.

This kiosk from Freeosk offered up free samples to anyone who simply allowed the machine to scan their phone. In this case, the sample was a fruit snack with characters from the movie Frozen. Not only would kids drag their parents to the kiosk when they saw the Frozen characters on the screen, they would also be delighted with a treat with those same characters on them. In return for that sample, the scan would grab data from the phone…. and

Hello targeted customer information with you knowing they’ve sampled your product. Genius! Then, if the consumer decides to purchase the product later, Freeosk will “pair up its data with sales data, to have a clear picture of the adoption process,” Eichorn says. “Did you buy the product? Did you continue to buy it? Or did you buy a competitor’s?”*

E-coupons, front-of-mind messages and text messages to follow. List building in a most delightful way.

Happy sampling!