Logo Creation Considerations

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Logos are often confused with a brand. A logo is a reflection of a business, but it is not a brand. It is a key element when it comes to a company’s branding however, and is a fundamental element for a consistent marketing message to the target market.


Logos are an important image that symbolizes the organization and are a vital part of a company’s success.

There are some primary things to consider when it comes to judging whether or not you have a great logo. Great logos are memorable, simple and instantly recognizable. The more complicated your logo, the more likely people may become confused by the design. There are two main functions of a logo:

  1. To visually communicate what the company does or provides
  2. To create a memorable/recognizable reference for future encounters

Other things to consider:

You should also be sure your logo doesn’t portray the incorrect message inadvertently… Click here for some humorous errors.

Good logos can be seen from a distance and be easily used for a variety of purposes such as large signage or in a small format such as stationary.

Another aspect of great logo design is that the logo must be enduring. Brand recognition is a high valued asset, changing a logo substantially can be detrimental to whether or not clients recognize the company. You don’t want to confuse your audience or loose the investment by changing the logo that has become so recognizable.

Printing budgets should also be considered. A logo with 4 spot colors will be far more costly to reproduce than a logo that can be printed using the cmyk color model.

Another design aspect to consider is how the logo can be saved as an avatar icon, which is typically around 50 x 50 points square. Avatar icons are used predominately on social media websites, forums and blogs.

Logos are very, very important. It speaks volumes about the company and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

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