In marketing, reputation is everything

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BrandShoutWe all remember being a kid and having a teacher tell us that it’s important to have a good reputation. Well in marketing, a good reputation is more than just important, it’s everything. Each year Marketing Magazine partners with Leger to produce a survey ¬†of hundreds of Canadian brands to produce a list of who is perceived to have the best brand reputation.

Here are a few highlights at the top of the Marketing/Leger Corporate Reputation Survey, and why we think they have such a great reputation.


1. Heinz

The Heinz company is known for it’s ketchup, and being the number one brand with the best reputation, the company’s brand identity is ubiquitous. Well over 100 years old, the good-standing of Heinz’s reputation may come down to more than just Ketchup. The secret to the Ketchup giants status may come down to the fact that it’s just always there. In every restaurant, diner, home, apartment, and kitchen in the country, you can be sure you’ll find Heinz Ketchup. It is the heavy does of nostalgia that comes along with that that keeps it golden in the minds of consumers. It may also be this consistency that keeps Heinz at the top of the list. The brand has been around long enough, and is consistent enough that it’s just a part of our lives.

2. Reebok

It started in early 2012 when Reebok launched their global marketing campaign with the Tagline “The Sport of Fitness Arrived”. They launched a huge worldwide campaign bringing the sport of fitness to the world, and the garments to go along with it. The brand launched a huge initiative that included outfitting all 8 teams of the Canadian CFL with brand new Reengineered Reebok Jerseys, bringing it into the lives of Canadians across the country. The brand’s renaissance allowed it to shoot to the top of the list.

3. Kellog

Like Heinz is to Ketchup, Kellog’s is to cereal. Firmly implanted in the hearts and minds of canadians from childhood to adulthood, everyone remembers their favourite kind of breakfast cereal.

The brands jump to the number 3 spot in the list for 2012 can also be attributed to their campaign for Vector’s “You get what you put in campaign”. The brand quickly grew their page to 120,000 likes on Facebook, and also expanded their community outreach programs including more than $4.5 million in donations.

What’s your reputation?

Brand identity is more than just a logo. It is the entire reputation that your company has across the board, and is felt in the hearts and minds of consumers. It is more than just how people perceive your brand – it is how they think they perceive your brand.