Marketing to Gen Y

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gen yCapturing the attention of The Millennials, or often referred to as Gen Y, is something that marketers and advertisers the world over are trying to figure out how to do. Whether it’s through a viral video or a a clever meme, Getting some of Gen Y’s attention is important for any marketer today. And why is this? They make up one of the largest demographics today, with some of the largest influence and sharing power, and they’ll soon be running the country. That’s why.

In a study by the PR firm Edelman, they noted that Gen Y’ers are “alpha influencers,” citing their tendency to “share feedback, influence the purchase decisions of peers and family, and engage with brands through social media.” says an article in BC Business Magazine.

While this may mean consumers need to have an online presence, that presence needs to go far beyond just being there. Sure it’s great that you went to the party, but don’t just awkwardly stand there, introduce yourself, and start a conversation with someone. In order to catch their attention and turn them into brand ambassadors, brands need to lead the conversation and the mission.

After all, brands aren’t just selling a product or a service anymore, they’re selling a lifestyle. So start the trend, tell people where you’re going, and give them a reason to jump on board.