Meet The New Twitter Profiles

  • Twitter_Faves

Twitter has just introduced new web profiles in a complete redesign to how your profile looks on The new profiles introduced several new features that completely change the way your profile looks, and how people interact with it. Here are some of the new features, and how you can use them:

1. Bigger Profile Photos and Header Images

Profile photos and header images are now larger and “more immersive” says Twitter. Resembling Facebook profile photos, your twitter page now looks like a personal landing page with a large profile photo and header image. Any images you upload are automatically resized to fit your page, allowing you to get creative with how your page looks.

2. Pin Tweets to the Top

You are now able to pin important tweets to the top of your page, giving you full control over what people see when they first land on your Twitter profile. This feature allows you to highlight your credentials, or the most important tweet you want people to see. This allows for a more professional approach to Twitter, allowing job seekers greater control over what potential employers or colleagues see. Additionally, the Best Tweets feature will make your tweets with the most RT’s or Favourites will appear larger on your page.

3. New Photos/Videos Tab

The new photos and videos tab allows you to filter a twitter profile to only show photos and videos. This allows for a more visually engaging experience, and you are able to see the content you want much quicker and seamlessly.

The new changes to Twitter seem like a nod to the more professional progression of the social web, giving the user greater control over what potential employers see when they visit their page, and greater control over your online presence.