Mercedes-Benz Commercial Spoof Goes Viral

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If you had the chance to kill Adolf Hitler as a young person, would you do it? That’s the question that some young film makers are asking in an ad that imitates a Mercedes-Benz commercial.

The commercial, which was released without Daimler’s consent (Mercedes’ parent company), follows a young Adolf Hitler as a child in his Austrian home town, where he is run down by a C-class mercedes in an ad for it’s Collision Prevention Assist. The unauthorized commercial has received mixed reviews, with Daimler forcing a warning at the beginning of the spot explaining that it is un-authorized and unrelated to Mercedes.

The film was a thesis of film students Tobia Haase, Jan Mettler, and Lydia Lohse at the Film Academy in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The trio said they wanted explore the question of what would happen if machines had souls and could make decisions of life and death.

You can watch the video here: