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Superstore-momIf you aren’t a parent or grandparent you probably don’t notice the incredible amount of advertising directed to moms and although this is far from a new topic. I’m bringing it up because of a recent campaign by Superstore that I truly believe is brilliant.

Every mom wants the best for their baby and although we’d all like to run out and grab the new baby bullet and begin blending away the most heathy, natural food for our little ones, many moms are back to work with little time to shower let alone puree any kind of concoction besides mashed up bananas. So they have a choice; stay up late and getter done, hire some help, settle for the jar of the most popular national brand or dish out for organic jars at Whole Foods.

Superstore, I believe, has thrown a wrench into this reality.

You may have seen the commercial – baby food flying from one end of the screen to the other… “with busy mom in mind” ….a slogan littered throughout the store, Ad Match campaigns on baby wipes and diapers, and organic baby food, cereals and all, that allegedly are less expensive than the national brand. So why is this brilliant?

It is a well thought-out campaign that spreads across many of their marketing initiatives – t.v, print, online, etc. They’ve also clearly done their research to understand what factors drive store choice, and what promotions can change or alter those behaviours. In this case, it’s about charging less money for a premium product, knowing it will drive “mom” to go out her way to shop at Superstore.  And once they have the Mom in the store, they know they will easily make up the margin on other goods sold.

So will this campaign work? Will this be worth “switching supermarkets for”? I’m going out on a limb and saying that it likely will.  The key is whether they can keep that Mom’s loyalty once their babies graduate to “grown-up food”.