Most Marketers Aren’t Doing a Very Good Job

  • red-megaphone

red-megaphoneMost people doing marketing aren’t qualified to do it. The small business owner, the restauranteur, the freelancer – most of these people are marketing themselves, and aren’t doing a very good job at it.

Of course there are many tools out there that allow you to make a lot of noise and get lots of attention, but on the Internet, this is a lot like standing on a street corner and banging pots and pans. Sure a lot of people will look at you, but they’ll quickly move on to get away from the noise.

The thing about marketing is there is no rule book. There’s no guide that says, “this is how you tell a good story” or “this is how you be creative.” It often comes down to the small business owner creating and releasing content (logo, website, PR), while at the same time doing what it is they actually do best – running their business. Most of the time this is a recipe for some really bad marketing.

While this may seem like a nightmare, it’s actually a huge opportunity. It means that there is now space for great marketing to stand up. While the relentless self-promotor may always stand on the street corner banging pots and pans together, the effective marketer can stand on the opposite corner and tell a great story. And that’s when people will really want to listen.