How to get the most out of retargeted advertising

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handprintWhen you visit a website, that behaviour is tracked by search engines which results in targeted advertising. When you visit a website and leave without a conversion (meaning you did not buy or engage beyond simply viewing the site) then you will see ads which are re-targeted to you. This form of online advertising will serve you ads more frequently after you have left a site without a conversion, which accounts for about 98% of all web-traffic.

Most marketers think of search retargeting when creating ad campaigns, however there are several other forms of retargeting that can help you target your audience in a more meaningful and cost effective way.

1. Search Retargeting – This form of retargeting is generally geared towards people who have landed on your site in the past. Once they have landed on your site, you can tag them and then target advertising towards them on other places on the Internet. The key here is to determine which actions they perform are “tag-worthy”

2. SEO/SEM Retargeting – This retargeting takes into account the search terms the user has used before they landed on your site. By taking into account the search terms they use, you can better understand what they are looking for, and their likely behavior on the web.

3. Email Retargeting – This form takes into account the actions the user has performed when opening your emails. If they have clicked on a link or where they went after they opened your email.

4. Contextual Retargeting – This for of retargeting involved exchanging information between sites to have the most impactful reach. One example is an airline and a local hotel targeting each others audience based on a users search activity. This can create synergy between retailers.

There are several ways to retarget to an audience. When used in conjunction with effective add campaigns, these forms of online advertising can boost conversions on your site. What are some of your methods of online advertising?