Six Marketing Trends To Watch in 2014

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traditional-advertising1This is an exciting time to be in marketing or advertising. We are seeing more and more ways to reach our audiences more effectively, and people are consuming media in a more diverse way than ever before. In an article written by advertiser Thomas Kenney, he outlines six marketing trends that we should watch for in 2014.

1. Bringing Back Film – Dove’s Real Beauty sketches films last year were a great example of this. A real life experiment carried out in a thoughtful way. This ad didn’t even seem like an ad, but rather a great short film. That’s why it worked.

2. Lightweight Social – When social media first started emerging as a tool for advertisers, many were trying to leverage it in impossible ways. In 2014, we will see brands only vying for a short second or so of a users time, and maybe even a “like” if we’re lucky.

3. Sequential Messaging – We will most likely see an increase in brand experiences that try to follow you from one place to the next. More targeted messaging directed at you based an a knowledge of your previous actions. Scary? Maybe. Effective? Definitely.

4. Mobile First – More and More of us are on mobile way more than our desktop devices, and yet some brands are still considering it to be on afterthought. In 2014, your brand best be optimized for mobile.

5. Making Yourself Useful – As a brand, you should be making yourself useful. Either tell a story or make the consumer’s life easier. It can be that simple.

6. Standing For Something – Having a human purpose can be the key to brand differentiation. It will create a human connection to your consumer, and you will be able to offer some good back into the world beyond brand recognition.