Starbucks Tweet A Coffee Comes to Canada

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starbucksAfter a successful launch in the US, Starbucks’ social gifting program “Tweet-A-Coffee” has come to Canada. It allows one Starbucks user to send a coffee to another Starbucks user by sending them a tweet and including the twitter handle @tweetacoffee. Both users must first sync their twitter accounts to their Starbucks account online. When the sender sends the tweet, their Starbucks account is automatically debited $5, and the receiver receives a $5 credit to their Starbucks card.

In a release, Richard Burjaw , vice-president of Starbucks Coffee Canada, said, “Tweet-a-coffee is a brand new way for our customers to connect with friends and followers and share the gift of Starbucks instantly. Whether it’s to say #thank you, #congratulations or simply #justbecause we’re thrilled to enable the ability for customers to spread some kindness.”

The real benefit of the program for Starbucks is in both sales, in which they’ve seen an increase, and their social media presence. By having their customers sync up their twitter account with their Starbucks account, the company now has a much greater picture of their customers’s spending habits.

The program also shows a very real picture of ROI for a the company’s social media efforts.