The World’s Top Brands

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Interbrand-top-brands-2013_610x303Every year Interbrand releases a study of the world’s top brands, and for the first time in 13 years, someone has knocked Coca-Cola off the top spot. And who other than the iPhone giant Apple could do it, with an estimated brand value of $98 Billion.

The overturning of the top dog in brand value (Coca-Cola is worth and estimated $79 Billion dollars), speaks volumes to that value of tech in global business and consumer consciousness. Google came in at second place with a value of $93 billion.

The rise of Apple in worldwide brand value stretches far beyond marketing, value, and market share. Apple has not only changed our lives with it’s products, but also with it’s ethos. It’s simplicity and everyday use has lead an entire generation adopt it’s brand identity in the way they live their everyday lives. That’s why they are the world’s most valuable brand.

So what does this mean for the little guy? It means that marketing a product or service isn’t only about selling a product, it’s about selling a lifestyle. About honing in on what value you can bring to someones life, and showcasing it in such a way that people want to get on board. Show people where you’re train is headed, and give them a reason to jump on board.