Why is Tim Horton’s Canada’s Favourite Brand?

Canada’s Top Brands

Every year Canadian Business releases its survey of the top Canadian and International brands as ranked by Canadians. Based on seven different criteria such as products, innovation, services, leadership, citizenship, performance, governance, and workplace, the survey shows us which brands Canadians feel most strongly about.

This years survey ranked 100 multinational brands, and of those one hundred, the survey showed several canadian brands rising up the ranks. Of all the Canadian businesses in this years survey, however, one well-known brand rose to the top. Tim Horton’s, Canada’s favourite coffee shop, ranked number one as Canada’s most loved brand. But is it more than just coffee and dougnuts that make this company Canada’s favourite?

With so many Canadian brands creating unique and identifiable brands for themselves, the survey points to Tim Hortons community involvement being the key to their success. With the Tim Hortons Foundation creating hockey sponsorships, summer camps, and community projects, they have established themselves in many of the communities around the country. It is this grassroots involvement that has created a personal and emotional connection to the brand around the country.

It is this emotional involvement within the community that Tim Horton’s has created, and as a result, they rank highly on all seven criteria that the survey analyzed.

So what can we take away from this research? The survey tells us that brand identity is much more than the products or services you are offering. It involves a macro approach that encompasses most importantly the emotional connection your customers feel to your brand. Tim Hortons’ brand identity moves far beyond just coffee and doughnuts, and because of that, they are Canada’s most favourite brand – and their drive through lineups speak for themselves.