Twitter Ads is now open to Canadian businesses

Social media for small business can sometimes be a frustrating feat. It is often the case that small business owners are using social media not out of some larger marketing strategy, but more because they feel they have to be. It is often the case that these small businesses end up frustrated with their attempts to attract customers through their social media efforts.

Understanding and using Twitter ads is a great way to grow your presence on Twitter. Whether your goal is to amplify your message, or grow your audience, Twitter ads are a great way to grow your presence on Twitter, and with Twitter ads recently opening up to Canadian businesses, now’s a great time to learn what it’s all about.

Twitter Ads

Twitter’s ad suite is divided into two categories: Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. Promoted tweets are perfect for when you want to advertise a specific message or product. Promoting a tweet will push it to the top of user’s home twitter feed, and it will be seen more often.

If your goal is to get more followers, Promoting your account is the way to go. If you’re not sure which method is right for your small business, try both and see which one works for you and your business.


Twitter’s ads allow you to target by broad categories such as gender and age range, or even more specific categories such as interests and activities. These targets will allow you to target your audience, and promote your messages towards them.

In addition to targeting your audience, Twitter ads allow you to schedule your content ahead of time so you never miss an oppourtunity to send a tweet.

To get started with Twitter ads, sign up here.