Vine Users drop after Instagram Video Launch

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vine-instagram-videoAfter Instagram’s surprise launch of video last week, the question that was on everyone’s mind was “well what about Vine?”. Twitter’s popular Vine service allows users to share 6 second video clips that play in a loop. Launched in January 2013, Vine has seen a rapid growth in users, and proved popular with those wanting to share short video on the web.

Instagram responded last week with the release of Video on Instagram, adding the option for users to share video. The difference being Instagram’s videos play up to 15 seconds, and don’t play in a loop. Instagram also allows the adding of special video filters.

The day after video was released on Instagram, analysts show that the number of links shared on twitter from Vine fell by nearly half a million. A week later, and there are 50% more Instagram than Vine links on the web (show Topsy numbers).

What does this mean for Vine in the long run? If the numbers continue on this course, Vine users will continue moving their video sharing to Instagram, and Vine could see a significant drop out.