Website Competitive Analysis Tools

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There’s nothing like a little bit of healthy competition. It can motivate you to work harder, and also serve as a benchmark for where you’re at. Of course in any customer facing role, you want your clients to be at the forefront of your efforts, however understanding your competition can often lead you to come to a few realizations of your own.

When it comes to web marketing, there are websites out there that allow you to look at your competitors data, in order for you to better understand your own. This data can sometimes give you a few competitive insights.

Here are a few competitive analysis tools that will allow you to see what your competitors (or just other websites’) are up to:

1. Search Engine Performance – Searchmetrics Essentials – Type in the domain name of your competitor, and you can find out what phrases they are ranking for, and how high they are ranking. It will also show you their AdWords advertising budgets, and their top ranked words and phrases for SEO.

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2. Link Popularity – Majestic SEO – When someone ranks highly in Google or other search engines, it’s usually a factor of link popularity. This means that a site with more links has “domain authority”, and will outrank you in Google. Type in your competitor’s domain name, and you will find their domain authority. If you find yourself competing with a site that has such authority in Google, then try targeting very specific phrases to become relevant. These specific phrases will target  different traffic, and you will rank higher.

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3. Traffic Activity – – Your Alexa ranking can be seen as your overall popularity on the Internet. Enter any website to see traffic estimates, pages per visit, time on site, bounce rate, and percentage of traffic from search engines. This information can be very valuable,  and interesting ( is#1 and is #2).

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