What 2016 Will Bring to Marketing

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As 2015 ended and 2016 begins, we see a lot of lists floating around about “top ideas”, the “best of” and “what to expect”. Some of those have been about marketing trends, so we’ve combed through and created a compilation of what we think 2016 will bring to the world of marketing.


Here’s our Top 5 list:

1. Virtual reality and 3D. Experts say we will begin to see what has been brewing for decades. Virtual reality helmets will make their way to the market in 2016 and pricing will be in the hundreds, not thousands. It will begin with gaming and interactive online before pushing into TV. The 3D aspect will be a natural fit for marketing to the teen and young adult audiences so look again to gaming and technology to bring it out first.

2. Greater integration of channels. Marketers are getting smarter and are understanding that no matter what they do, it must all work together – the silos are going away. Social media, print, sponsorship – it will all become more integrated, not to mention more relevant because if the eyeballs that see it don’t care, they don’t see it. Period.

3. Teeny, tiny attention spans. This has been known for a while, but 2016 will mark conscious action toward the understanding that engagement happens in the first 5 second. No matter how clever the Facebook video, it better grab them immediately.

4. Automation meshes with marketing. CRM has traditionally been the realm of sales, but marketing folks are going to see their assimilation into the machine. It’s not a bad thing – it just means that data use will become more intelligent, automation will be regular and marketers will need to understand it all in order to keep the flow of valuable, meaningful, authentic content on the customer’s own terms.

5. Keep the phones in the loop. Mobile is mandatory. Your customers are watching videos, looking for deals, posting their thoughts and learning about products on mobile devices. This isn’t optional anymore. Without mobile savvy platforms, an online presence will evaporate. Creative marketers will need to go past the expected and jump on the revolution of things like enabling GPS activated coupons while ensuring data is kept secure.


Integrated with all of these marketing trends is simply understanding your target market. Knowing their behaviours, pains, and desires is key to implementing any strategy. We’re all about new technology and new ways to engage, but never forget marketing 101.