What Keeps Marketers Up at Night?

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DigitalDistressCover-1024x575Adobe recently published a study titled: Digital Distress: What keeps marketers up at night? The study surveyed 1000 professional marketers, all working in a broad range of industries, and asked them how well they think they’re doing.

The overwhelming result was that most marketers (9%) strongly believe that their digital strategy isn’t working. And with the added spending in the digital realm, almost $118 billion expected this year, it seems that most marketers don’t know what they’re doing.

Here are some of the most surprising facts from Adobe’s study:

– Only 40% of marketers think their company’s marketing is effective
– 76% of marketers believe measurement is important vs. 29% who believe they are doing it well
– 66% of marketers feel digital is critical to their company’s success and less than half feel highly proficient in digital marketing.

The study also published an infographic with some of the most interesting statistics.

While some see this as a dilemma, we see it as an opportunity to let great marketing speak for itself.