Why 2013 Was The Year of Google

  • google glass

google glass2013 was a big year for Google. With the release of Google glass and more people using Android phones then ever before, Google has firmly maintained it’s spot at the top of the tech totem pole. While we take a moment to reflect back on 2013, we look at all the facets of tech that Google has a stake in, and where they made some huge gains this year.

1. Google Glass

Aimed at the consumer market, Google glass has caused quite a stir. The strange looking glasses that the user wears on their face are sure to get a few odd looks, but the real splash for this product comes with the risk Google took in making them. While only a limited amount of testers are out there sporting the wearable tech, the product has caused quite a stir with it’s boundary pushing innovation. Whether it flops or not, Google has made headlines with the yet unreleased product.

2. Android wins the mobile game

While it may seem that the ubiquitous iPhone is the king of the iPhone market, Android took 81% of the smartphone market this year, putting it well ahead of the iPhone. This has become a huge source of revenue for Google as the Android platform is designed to sell ads. Unlike many other companies that have been slow to transition, this has allowed Google to seamlessly transition from desktop to mobile advertising revenue.

3. Google Play passes 50 billion app downloads

Once dubbed the Android Market, Google Play is Android’s answer to apples’ app store. When apple announced they had 50 billion downloads from their app store last summer, Google was quick to chime in with their 50 billion downloads from Google Play. With such a huge share of the mobile market, it may not be too long until Google Play’s number surpasses that of Apple.

4. Google Plus Grows

While it may not have the social reach that Facebook or Twitter have, the fact that Google has a stake in the social networking market speaks volumes to it’s ubiquity on the web. With it’s reached stretching in so many facets of tech, Google+ is just another arm for Google to place it’s bets on for the future.