Why You Need A Social Listening Tool

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When there are people talking about your brand, you want to be listening. Not only is social media a conversation and relationship manager for you to connect with your customers/clients/friends/allies, but it is a valuable way for you to have an ear on the situation, especially when things go wrong.

Having a dedicated social listening tool such as HootSuite is a great way for you to keep your eye on the stream of comments that mention your brand, industry, product, or interests. These tools allow you to monitor a topic of your choice on social media, and then respond or just simply join in the conversation.

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However when things go wrong, your ear on the situation will become more than valuable. We have seen over and over again big brands having a loose social media plan in place, and when things go wrong, it takes them hours to respond adequately to the situation.

By monitoring not only mentions of your brands twitter handle, for example, but also mentions of your industry, competitors, or keywords, you are able to fully monitor any conversations on the web about your interest, and respond accordingly. London Drugs consistently does a great job on social media. They monitor conversations about their brand, and join in when appropriate, driving more traffic to their brand, and creating a playful tone.

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Of course the first step with developing a rock solid social media strategy is to listen first, and then speak. Employ a tool such as HootSuite to monitor what people are saying, and then join in. Identify inbound vs. outbound conversations, and then build relationships. Set goals, and then use tools like HootSuite to meet those goals. You’ll be a social media rock star in no time.