Why You Need To Stop Marketing on Social Media

  • JCPenney

JCPenneyWith so much emphasis for marketers to use social media, it seems that we sometime forget that social media is a place to share content, and not talk about ourselves. Picture this, you’re at a party and you meet someone that seems interesting, however, all they do is talk about themselves for the duration of the conversation. Not a very fun person to talk to, is it?

Now picture this. You’re at a party, and you immediately start talking to someone who seems interesting, and they engage you in a conversation that is thought provoking, and relevant to both of you. Now that sounds a lot more interesting!

The problem with many marketers on social media is that their social messaging is simply their marketing strategy dressed up as social content. If we really want to offer something to our customers on social media, we need to offer them something that is entertaining and charming, and never “salesy”. As soon as brands stop marketing themselves on social media, and start talking about things that are interesting and engaging, then they will build goodwill with customers, and then they will see the rewards at the checkout.