Your Online Reputation Needs Your Attention

  • Is it love or hate others send your way?

Your Search Result is Your First Impression
Your Search Result is Your First Impression

A reminder to all, which is forgotten all too often – don’t put anything online that you wouldn’t want your mother or boss to read or see. Other than that sage advice, how do you best manage your online reputation to ensure you’re loved more than laughed at? How do you manage what others are posting about you?

Fortunately, there are experts studying online presence if you have anything specifically you’d like erased. Hiring an online reputation management company can be a quick an easy way to promote yourself positively as well, but if this is a new area of exploration for you, we’d like to help you get a feel for things on your own first.

We’ve search articles and checked out advice from experts and have come up with 3 tips to help you be loved online. Ultimately, it comes down to volume. You want more positive content than negative.

1. Start at the start. Where do you look to find out what others think of you or your company? Do a Google search of your name, close misspellings and other monikers that might be used to refer to you. Check both web listings and images. Sign up for Google alerts to see what is said about you. This helps to determine if you are in a position of maintenance of your personal brand or if you need to step up to do damage control.

2. Purchase your name’s domain name – ie: Having both .com and .ca (if you’re in Canada) are usually enough. Apply those domain names to a website or other content manager (Tumblr, etc.) to keep all of your content together in one convenient location.

3. Sign up for social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and others. By having full profiles on these sites you’ll be creating positive, or at least neutral, content. When on these sites (and you want to be posting consistently – once a week or once a month at minimum – more often if you are repairing a negative image) link to the other sites. Although this may seem somewhat incestuous, it actually creates more positive online presence. Create content on your domain name sites and drive traffic from social media sites to that content as well as creating posts on social media that are independent of your sites.

Yes, it takes more positive messaging to push negative messaging down in search engine rankings, but when it’s your reputation at stake, it’s worth the effort.

Don’t make the mistake in avoidance either. Being “off the grid” while others are posting and referencing your name can have disastrous consequences. Take control of your name online before someone else does.

Need help getting started or maintaining your online presence? Ladder Up can set up your social pages and get your website or blog off the ground with your best qualities front and center. Contact Us.