Pivoting Your Marketing During COVID-19

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Your website traffic is down, your inbound leads are down and your sales representatives can’t visit customers! We’re all in uncharted waters but now is the time to be strategic and stay positive!

Here are some immediate ways to pivot your marketing so you come out of this ahead. “Companies that raised ad budgets during the 1974-75 recession gained market share and increased sales or at least prevented erosion, said research published in the Harvard Business Review. Those that cut advertising in both years experienced sales drops and loss of share.” (source)

1. Shift your message
Keep customers up to date on any changes to your business and how you are handling the pandemic. Be empathetic and be sure that your message is helpful and doesn’t come across like you are trying to take advantage of the situation.

2. Analyze what’s actually happening
Some products may be up, some may be down – don’t assume it’s all doom and gloom! Be strategic, people’s priorities are shifting and your products or services may be the solution to frustrations, problems or concerns in their new reality.

3. Shift the focus of your team
Use any newfound free time to up your game! Learn a new skill, take a course, or get some “housekeeping” done that you’ve meaning to get to.

4. Reprioritize campaigns
Reevaluate your marketing calendar and campaigns. You may have to put some things on the back-burner until we understand what our new normal is going to be. New products and services that speak to current concerns, frustrations and our new reality should take priority.

5. Do something bold & unique for your brand
There’s an opportunity now to do something bold and unique that will raise your company’s profile and contribute to your community.

6. Stay the course
Data from the past 100 years consistently shows tht companies who maintain or increase marketing in downturns win disproportionately on the other side.

7. Revisit your automated marketing messages and scheduled advertisements!
All those emails and advertisements that are pre-programmed and campaigns that were slated earlier this year may not be appropriate right now. Be sure to revise or pull ads that aren’t sensitive or appropriate for the current situation.

We’re always here to help if you’re not sure how to pivot your message or stay connected with your clients during this unprecedented time. Also, many of our clients are using this time to rebrand and/or spruce up their website as well!

Contact us anytime! Stay safe everyone.