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BabyGoRound is making a difference for families who can’t afford to purchase all of the things their child aged 0 to 4 years old needs. Because gently used items as well as donations come from individuals, the site needed to be clean and easy to understand so those donors of time, money or items could see what to do immediately.

Plus donors, volunteers and families needed to feel connected to the site, engaged in ways that made them feel good about donating and getting involved and that meant the site needed to be accessible from all of the usual channels, including mobile platforms. Ladder Up created a layout that allowed for current information to be posted on the main page along with large, bold icons to make it clear what visitors should click on to find the information they needed.

This responsive new design will ensure that donors and families in need will stay connected and positive about their involvement with BabyGoRound. Check out the before and after and let us know what you think.








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BabyGoRound is making a difference for families who can’t afford to...

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