Update your social media profiles – most up to date sizes

It is always a good idea to keep things fresh and new on social media. Changing your cover pictures and profile pictures often show your audience you are present. If you’re worried about consistency, sit down with your team and develop some brand guidelines. Keeping the colours or style of imagery consistent is a a great way to keep branding cohesive. 

As social media channels continuously evolve and incorporate new changes, the standard sizes for background images and profile images changes too, sometimes a little too often. We know that task may seem daunting but instead of resizing your current images, take some extra time to source new images and give yourself a fresh new look. These new images can even support current promotions or feature a new product, it is a great way to get the news out to your audience. 

To make your life a little easier, we have compiled a list of the optimal sizes for all of the different types of images used on various social media platforms. Enjoy! 


Cover Picture Size Profile Picture Size

Facebook Business Page

828 PX x 315 PX   180 PX x 180 PX 

LinkedIn Company Page

 974 PX x 330 PX  400 PX x 400 PX 


 1500 PX x 500PX  400 PX x 400 PX 

Google Plus Profile

 1080 PX x 608 PX  250 PX x 250 PX 
Instagram Profile

 Not Applicable

 110 PX x 110 PX