What Will be the Most Used Marketing Strategies for 2021

  • Augmented Reality

Digital Ads

With massive stay at home orders came massive stay at home purchasing. Buyers who had never before purchased online have become avid online shoppers. This change in shopping habit will drive the digital ad spend for 2021. According to a recent survey by Forbes “digital media ad spend will continue to grow at a greater rate than traditional media accounting for over 50% of companies ad spend”.

Virtual Events

The opportunities to advertise digitally and engage with your customers has expanded online. Virtual events, augmented reality and online meet ups have exploded in popularity due to necessity but expects say they are here to stay. Like everything, it takes some creativity to stand out at these virtual events but the cost savings in comparison to attending events in-person are worth the effort.

Social Media but Smarter

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TickTok, Clubhouse… the list is ever-growing. It’s time to decide whether it’s worth all the effort. Determining where your target market spends the majority of their time is key but be sure to check usability frequently. Facebook used to be nothing but University students and now over 56% of users are 35 – 65+ years of age.

Invest your time and money where you are getting the best conversions.

Selling on Social

If you are selling on your website, then you should be selling on social media. Many platforms has a click-to-buy option and if you aren’t taking advantage of it, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Social commerce reduce the number of steps people need to take to make a purchase. A steam-lined customer journey has been proven time and time again as a way to increase online sales.

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