What our clients have to say…

There’s lots of web designers out there – we all “know someone”….if you want great value for your dollars Angela and the team at Ladder Up provide top notch service and back it up with depth of experience providing fabulous advice & guidance to the tech-dummies out there like me. Super clean graphics, designs and responsive websites along with any marketing needs one may have (newsletters, social media set-up, blogs and more), Ladder Up is my go-to resource and should be yours too.

Brandy Kawulka

“Angela is not only a true, top-tier pro in her craft of marketing, brand development and recognition, web-development and social media (to name a few), but she has proven to also be an invaluable strategic partner.
Ever time I hear her say, “that’s great, but anyone could say that,” I know what is about to ensure is a deep-dive collaboration in which coming out at the end is a new, better-than-ever articulated way of presenting our work/skills/product offerings that resinate with our customers. She has helped us do nothing less than revolutionize our go-to-market approach and her sometimes brutal honesty is welcome and refreshing.
It would be incomplete for me to not also talk about Angela’s work ethic and ability to crush what have been some brutal deadlines. Angela and her Ladder Up team stepped in during the middle of our web relaunch, immediately provided spot-on advice, took over midstream when it was clear our original provider was in over their head, literally had her team work around the clock for 3 weeks and BEAT our relaunch deadline by 3 days.
THE ONLY HESITATION I HAVE ABOUT RECOMMENDING ANGELA IS THIS: She will not be our secret weapon once everybody knows how great she is.”

Charlie Guild
Allied Plastics


“Angela is one of most effective people I’ve met. She is presently taking our company through a web site overhaul including e-commerce. She hears what you are saying and translates it quickly into a clear visual and interactive solution.

We look forward to her assistance on future marketing initiatives.”

Mike Conway, COO
ACI Plastics

“Angela is very proficient and talented. I couldn’t be more pleased with the work she has done for us. We saw instant results after launching our new ecommerce site with sales the very next day! I would highly recommend Ladder Up in a heartbeat.”

Mike Perry, President
Lacetech Industries Ltd.

“In addition to designing and launching our new website, Ladder Up manages all of our on-line activities including newsletters and social media campaigns. They are professional, knowledgeable, and a joy to work with. I would highly recommend Ladder Up to anyone looking to improve their brand recognition and/or increase there online presence.”

Dale Delmage, President and CEO
Nylatech Inc.


” I hired Angela to develop a new website for my business. Her efforts on our website and developing a social media position for my company have been invaluable. Angela, continues to maintain the website and social media sites for my company. The websites and social media have help me to continue to grow my business with new and my existing customers.

I have and do highly recommend Ladder Up and Angela to develop your company’s marketing program. Like me you will ask, “Why did I take so long to do this.” Your investment will be paid back with new clients, more business from existing clients and new ideas on how to better communicate to them.”

George Southard, Owner
G S Sales, Inc.


“Our website upgrade has provided our company with a professional, highly functional, and very impressive site. Angela has a very good command of her craft, made helpful and meaningful recommendations, and working with her was a pleasure. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Ladder Up.”

Robert Williams
Harkness Industries


“Wow you really pay attention to detail and you’ve done an amazing job! The sell sheet looks amazing and I really look forward to using you in the future. It’s really great! Thank you so much!!”

Lissa Cline
Sutton Group-Realty Systems Inc.


“Angela is a forward thinking go getter. In the past 6 years we’ve worked together she’s been at the forefront of our company making sure that we look our best. She has a great eye for detail and the knowledge to get the job done…”

Dale Holan
Redwood Plastics


“Angela is a great person and a very hard worker. When she works on a project she makes sure to finish it on time and well. Her presence is charismatic and she has an enjoyable demeanor. Working with her is pleasant and inspiring, she knows was she is doing.”

Gina Mac Aulay
Groupe PolyAlto


“Having to work with Angela on various marketing project for a couple years now has revealed her high level of professionalism, and creativity. Her experience and leadership makes team work easy and efficient.”

Marc Lewis, CEO
Groupe PolyAlto