redwood-logo-optionGRedwood Plastics is an innovative plastics company based in British Columbia. In operation since 1971, Redwood Plastics, in partnership with it’s manufacturing division and suppliers, molds, machines, fabricates and distributes a wide-range of high quality custom plastics parts. Redwood came to us as an already established brand with an existing marketing team. We worked with their existing infrastucture to both update and support their established marketing efforts. Together, we strengthened their brand, and built a marketing plan for this brand in it’s dynamic and evolving industry.

The Background

The Industrial Plastics Industry is one that is always changing, and forever growing. As one of the leading builder and fabricators of custom parts, Redwood has developed a reputation as a progressive and dynamic brand. Their mission is to support their long-standing relationships through respectful and ethical interaction with their customers and suppliers, and always strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Redwood is committed to bringing new plastics solutions to a variety of industries, as well as their technical expertise and experience to all of the products and industries they work in.


The plastics industry has been around for a long time, but it has always competed with traditional industrial building supplies such as wood, steel and laminates. Because of this, it is the role of a plastics company to educate their customers on the benefits of a “plastic solution” and why choosing plastics is a more reliable and cost effective solution in a variety of building and industrial applications.

First Steps

There are many important reasons for replacing traditional materials with plastics, and it was our goal to highlight this in all of the marketing material that we produced in conjunction with Redwood. We started by creating Case Studies, Brochures, and Infosheets that would be easily accessible through the website and freely available online. We decided to become not only an advocate of Redwood Plastics, but of the plastics industry as a whole. Through thought leadership, we would shift the tide of traditional thinking in terms of building materials.

Casting a wide net

Redwood Plastics is active in many industries, and can make custom parts for a variety of applications. Because of this, we needed to highlight the variety of industries that Redwood works in. We created an easy to navigate website with custom designs that highlighted the different industries that Redwood is active in. From mining, to transport, to agriculture, we created documentation and resources that would benefit someone in any industry. By doing this we positioned Redwood as not only a resource of information within the industry, but a thought leader in terms of the new technologies for these industries.

Design and Execution

Redwood required a unique marketing campaign that was as dynamic as the industry. We began with custom branding and graphic design that was showcased through a website that hosted the large caches of information needed to display. We worked with the existing marketing team to create a series of videos that showcased the different applications of Redwood’s products.

Thought Leadership

It was important that we positioned Redwood Plastics as a thought leader in not only the Plastics Manufacturing space, but also the related industried and ancillary activities that surrounded the brand. To spearhead this, we created a section of the website titled “Tools, Guides, and Data“. This section hosts a series of information from technical data sheets on plastics materials, to plastics comparisons charts, to a blog that would be routinely updated with plastics news and tips (and also SEO purposes). Together, these sections provided a voice for the company to lead discussions and curate a community within the industry. We even added a section for “Do it yourself” plastic projects and ideas that are dedicated to new and neat ways to use plastics materials at home.

In the End 

By working with an existing team in an already established industry, we were able to create a fully integrated marketing strategy that was uniquely catered to this brand. Redwood continues to maintain itself as a resource for information in it’s industry, and continues to be one of the biggest promotors, manufacturers, and suppliers of plastics parts and materials.

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