Sugar Cookies and Confections is unique company. As one of Vancouver’s only custom-made sugar cookie companies, Sugar has quickly established established itself as a leader in this niche market. A locally owned and operated company, Sugar Vancouver has a loyal customer base serving weddings, businesses, and parties alike. Quite simply, Sugar has an amazing product, and we saw the potential to showcase their unique voice, and expand their customer base through killer marketing.

It Started With an Idea

Like all great ideas, the best ones come when you least expect it. Starting from a holiday baking tradition with friends, Sugar Vancouver was born out the desire to bake the perfect Sugar Cookie. Simple yet delicious, this small company starts with a great product. Each cookie is perfectly baked, and hand-iced. Combined with the unique artistic flare of each cookie, we saw the many potential applications.

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The strategy for the cookies was simple. Make a great product that is thoughtful, custom, and quality. Remain customer-centric, and go above and beyond to create cookies that would wow any sweets skeptic.

The local nature of the business meant that we could keep our voice personable and fun, while at the same time, making custom cookies for everything from weddings, holidays, car-dealerships and more. The marketing strategy would remain completely centred around the product, showcased through professional photos and and a great website.


The Package

As a part of the entire marketing package, we created custom logos, graphics, business cards and rack cards that would complement the well-designed cookies themselves. Cookies can be bought as part of a themed box set, or individually wrapped. The themes and custom logos are present throughout the entire product from the website, to the cookies themselves. We kept a focus on exceptional branding and design that is consistent throughout every product Sugar offers. The result is a personal touch and attention to fine detail that shows in every aspect of the product.


Social Selling

We knew the platform to sell the product was going to be important. We wanted to create an intuitive interface that showcased the many different cookies on offer, but was also easy to use and fun to browse. We used a web format that allowed for integration with a selling platform that was easy to use and secure. We added social buttons so users could share the images of the cookies, and a checkout process that was sleek and efficient. The website is integrated with the company’s Flickr stream, allowing for the hosting of high quality images.



Sweet Success

Combined with an active blog, a great website, a strong facebook and twitter community, and an overall fantastic product, Sugar is a great example of small business success.

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