What is content mapping and why do you need to consider it as part of your online strategy? Content mapping is a way to ensure all of your content is in line with your strategy and is working towards a specific goal. The main advantage of creating a content map is that it helps you stay on topic and helps you generate ideas for new content that will be relatable and appealing to your audience. It’s important to have this consistency so that your blog is relevant to your business and can be seen as a credible source.

If you haven’t ever created a content map you want to start by identifying your audience and then thinking about what they want to see from your business. There are a few areas that everyone can focus on:

Share your culture – Team Bios, office events, behind the scenes

Position yourself as an expert – Share industry news and information on new technology in your industry

Talk about your products or service and special promotions – This is a great way to share additional information about what you can offer.

Use this as a foundation and branch out to anything and everything that relates and would be interesting to your audience. We have included an example below:

Content Map Example

When referring to your content map think about how every new piece of content is going to benefit your business. What goal is this content helping you achieve? Content needs to have a purpose, whether it be driving traffic to other areas of your website, communicating your values or generating leads, there needs to be a goal in mind. This is going to help you ensure that you are not wasting your time and effort creating content that isn’t beneficial to you.

We hope this helps you get started on your new blog or perhaps revamping and auditing your existing blog. If you need additional inspiration, we recommend checking out some of your favorite blogs and analyzing what you like about them and why.