Yes, you read that right. It’s no secret that team morale and performance go hand in hand. 

Investing time into your sales team can provide endless benefits. When you have a network of inside and outside sales representatives for your business, everyone is individually, constantly working towards that monthly target and it can be really easy to forget that you are part of something larger, literally and figuratively. 

We recommend setting up a mandatory team meeting that occurs regularly, depending how busy your team is it may be a weekly meeting or a monthly meeting. 

How does this work?

Key skills that build a good sales person are:

  • Prepration – has up to date information, resources and sales tools 
  • Knowledge  – is well informed on the topic 
  • Confidence – passionate about product or service and instills trust in the client 

The goal is to help your team evaluate and build those skills and remind them that they have a community

This community is an important tool and resource that they can utilize to:

  • exchange ideas
  • work through problems together 
  • get executives involved to reenforce the big picture and company goals

Make it fun! Sales can be a stressful and highly competitive field. Help your team loosen up and de-stress. Make it a safe zone, get everyone to open up and encourage your team to lean on each other. These meetings do not have to be round table discussions, start off with an activity that gets everyone involved and engaged and end with a round table discussion if needed.

Your team will leave feeling motivated and prepared. This investment of time is a sure fire way to communicate your appreciation of your team and their significance in the business.