The most difficult part of creating a content strategy might just be sticking to it. We have all been there. You’ve done all the research and created a solid plan for what you want to share with your audience, except when it comes to executing and creating your content calendar, you keep hesitating. If you’re not sure your content is appropriate for your strategy, we’ve got a trick for you.

Start by answering these questions:

  1. Define your business objective.
  2. Define your audience and their needs.
  3. Define your unique opportunity.

Next, hang these up somewhere visible in your office. Now, every time you go to add a piece of content to your schedule or go to post or create content, reflect on these three questions. Does your content relate to any of them?

If the content doesn’t resonate with your audience, doesn’t help you with your business objective or doesn’t touch on your USP (hyper link to blog post below that will be on blog as well), then you don’t need to be posting.

Remember to be effective with your presence on social media and online. Don’t waste your time on content that doesn’t benefit you and your efforts.