In today’s world of marketing and advertising we hear the terms Generation X, Generation Y and Millennials thrown around a lot. As the young and upcoming generations, they tend to make up a majority of consumers and ultimately are the focus of many campaigns and marketing efforts.

It makes sense to market to the next generation, right? They are younger, they’ll be transitioning in and baby boomers will be transitioning out. They are the next generation of thinkers and employees. Generation X, Y and Millennials are characterized by their age group and behaviours.

We think we have them all figured out but are we limiting ourselves by only focusing on learning about and marketing to just them?

We look at these generations as tech savvy, foreword thinkers that have developed a new culture. But have they? We have it half right. We should be focusing on the foreword thinkers, the early adapters and the consumers that are taking advantage of the new technological advancements in the world – but they’re not just Millennials, Generation X or Y. They are Generation C, the Connected Consumer.

Who is Generation C? Well you may already know and in fact you most likely are a part of Generation C. It’s a generation of people of all ages and lifestyles that have adapted to technology and incorporated it into their daily lives.

Next time someone throws out the terms Generation X, Y or Millennials, challenge them. Ask them and ask yourself if Generation C better fits the group they’re referring to.